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street portraits


Sleep is good for the tired soul/ Baguio City, 2016



don’t disturb: women at work/ Baguio City, 2016



text, text, text pa more/ Baguio City, 2016




innocent souls/ Baguio City, 2016



it’s such a happy day/ Baguio City, 2016



peruse…/ Baguio City, 2016



fellow street shooters/ Baguio City, 2016



man and machine/ Baguio City, 2016



one, two, three/ Baguio City, 2016



solo acts/ Baguio City, 2016

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On a given Sunday

#Mobile Phone Street Photography /2017

me and my umbrella 1

Me and my umbrella #1, Baguio City/2017

silang dalawa (two of them) 1

Silang dalawa (Two of them)#1, Baguio City/2017

shoorsp 1

Shoorsp! #1, Baguio City/2017

me and my umbrella 2

Me and my umbrella #2, Baguio City/2017

silang dalawa (two of them) 2

Silang dalawa (Two of them)#2, Baguio City/2017

shoorsp 2

Shoorsp! #2, Baguio City/2017

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mobile phone street shots /2016


While she waits, La Trinidad/2016


Children playing, La Trinidad/2016


Gee! My hair feels terrific, La Trinidad/2016


What’s up there?, Baguio City/2016


Mall of Asia, Pasay City/2016

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trying street photography

For the past two months, I dabbled in street photography. My significant Others are not in favor of this genre of photography. They would scold me and tell me I should not take pictures of people without asking permission from such souls of the streets, parks, malls, supermarkets, restaurants, and side walks. Stubborn that I am, I still take pictures of interesting people of the streets. Below are some of the souls my lens have captured.

Vendor by the Door

Vendor by the Door, Baguio City/2016

text mates at the mall

Text mates at the Mall, Baguio City/2016


Self-Portrait, La Trinidad/2016


From above, La Trinidad/2016


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