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Us: A personal photography

I was reminded of this old non-digital/film camera (Canon Prima BF-800), which I kept in one of our cabinets. I took it out and checked if it was still functional. I put batteries in the camera and loaded it with an expired roll of film. Well, lucky me! The camera still worked except for its built-in flash….

And so I took pictures with this cam, which turned out blurry and grainy…


My “camera-shy” son (at least that’s how he thinks of himself). Kidz prefers staying alone in his room (even for one whole day) instead of playing with his friends or cousins outside the house.



Hardy Boys series. Kidz loves to read books.



Kidz loves music, too. He has a knack of composing his own songs. He likes pop songs. He enjoys watching MTV and The Voice.



Kidz trying on his polo shirt–a costume for a stage play at school.



My wife (checking a research paper in her laptop). Mharz likes watching Korean reality shows in the internet more than watching local TV dramas/soap operas. She thinks real life is already filled with much drama so why bother watching drama flicks on TV.



Mharz enjoys cooking and eating. She’s happy eating with us the food she cooked/baked. Most often, she brings home food when she comes home from work.



Peekaboo!!! Mharz having fun with the camera…



Me (as photographed by my wife). Not much to say about me.



Our cats. These cats often stay or sleep right outside our front door and at times, they would bump the door and start meowing when they are hungry.



Stuff toys on top of a book shelf. They are just there as a display. Nobody plays with them.



The Bible. “The Bible and Me; Me and the Bible”–A preacher once said. We have been taught that the Bible is our guide. As one family, we are trying our best to understand and apply God’s words in our life despite the many mistakes we commit every now and then…



“Food trip” with Mharz, Kidz and Joy (my younger cousin). And when we go out to have some fun, we don’t miss eating. The food court of a big mall in Baguio City (Philippines) is one of our favorite spots/stops.



Mharz, Kidz, and Itess (Mharz’s younger sister) checking some computer accessories…