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demoCRAZY at its best–Repost from 2007 (Kampanya ken Eleksyon manen)

DemocraZy–’buy’ the people; ‘off ‘ the people; ‘poor’ the people–that’s how I [and probably many others] dismally feel and think about the kind of politics that Philippine democracy has evolved to…

On political campaigns

On TV, on radio, on newspapers, and along the streets, the politicians [esp. trapos] are on a campaign spree again. Needless to say, it’s election time that’s why. We see wannabe leaders [granted they would win] donned in their simple-yet-elegant attire with their best grin as they shake hands with students, farmers, vendors, istambays pleading for the people’s ‘sacred’ votes…Yeah! it’s ‘buying’ time again.

And along the campaign trail, we hear these promises: “With me as your elected leader, life would be better,” [translated as, Ang-GARA ng buhay ko ‘pag ako ibinoto n’yo]. “With me in Senate, I would scrap EVAT!” [translated as, E-VAT (eh, ba’t) ngayon mo lang sinasabi ‘yan? Nung isinasalang pa sana yang batas na ‘yan, eh, pinatay n’yo na]… Yeah! It’s time for the hyper-BOLA again.

Every aspiring “savior” of the impoverished masa put on every gimmick just to please the unsuspecting victim [i.e., the unwily voter], and when the politician wins, the poor voter realizes how T-A-N-G-A [stupid] he was for believing too much on lies [or promises meant to be broken]. A number of politicians ride on the popularity of showbiz personalities to win. Still, others awfully try their best to show their ‘innate’ skill of acting [like morons] and singing [singingtunado–out of tune]. And WOW! the audience love them!?!?

On the qualifications of aspiring government leaders

We are in a democratic country and so everybody–lawyers, businessmen, landlords, movie artists, boxers, basketball players, farmers, clowns, etc.–could become a government official.

To be qualified, say a Congressman, you just show you know how to read and write and speak a little English, and that’s it. Oh! by the way, you need to tell the people that your sincerity to serve them [as a Congressman not as a philanthropist] is what pushed you to defy all odds and insist of running as a lawmaker. Never mind if you don’t know the rudiments of making laws. Never mind if you would be debating with highfalutin-tongued lawmakers in Congress for your sincerity to serve your people is what counts most. In short, never mind if you’re making a joke of yourself. Remember, clowns and objects of ridicule are most-welcome in Philippine government…[they are the KUPITan, SenaTONG, and CongCRAZYman].

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